Diverse Strains and Skilled Artisanship

Healius Naturals, located in central Alberta, Canada, is a licensed Micro-Cultivator & Processor of craft cannabis.

Our vision is: Providing high quality, craft cannabis products, through new to the market genetics, including our own line we bred ourselves. We draw the most desired properties out of every plant including rich terpene profiles, bud structure, visual appeal and strong cannabinoid content.

Who We Are

Founded in 2017 by a group of family members who personally saw the positive effects cannabis had on their quality of life.  So much so, they felt inspired to share that with others.

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Healius’ genetics have been born through a combination of time and expertise. Our team has been practicing and pushing the limits on finding the perfect phenotype for each of our cultivars for years. We carry a wide portfolio including heritage classics, the up-and-coming, and even cultivars we’ve bred ourselves. All clean and disease free.

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Our Facility

Purposefully built to provide uncompromising quality. The Sunrise facility has just over 5,000 sq ft of space maximized to provide the best environment for plants to thrive. Our team’s background in construction and plant growing, meant every detail was considered when building this state of the art facility. Healius’ focus on quality, and commitment to be leaders in the ultra premium cannabis space will be further developed on 6 acres of adjacent land.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to providing high quality premium products that exceed customer’s expectations. Our approach is hands on – each aspect of the business, including plant selection and care, is crafted with the end in mind.

Products and Services

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